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Voiveljet Ltd,   General Terms of Delivery

Meetings, parties, events and catering



The following General Terms of Delivery apply to any contract made between Voiveljet Ltd and a customer concerning delivery of services.


  1. Validity of the offer


The offer will expire on the date indicated in the contract. If the customer has not confirmed acceptance of the offer by that date, the offer will expire.


  1. Waitering and service package


When the customer buys a service and waitering package which includes preordered restaurant services, the package price will not be broken down to details, but the whole sum will always be charged as agreed, whether or not all guests/participants have attended for example a meal.


  1. Rent of premises in Neuvolansali and Old Panini, and private parties in restaurants run by Voiveljet Ltd


The meeting and party facilities in Neuvolansali and Old Panini charge a rent of 250 e / event. Any catering ordered for the event will be charged on top of the rent, according to the number of people.

For private parties, Voiveljet applies the practice of sales guarantee total sum, which varies according to the facility, seasonality, and time. The sales guarantee total sum will be stated in the contract. Preordered catering and everything sold in the event will be deducted from this sum. Only the possible remainder will be charged as rent.

Advance payment will be charged, as agreed, for private parties in restaurants run by Voiveljet Ltd. The advance payment is 400 e, which will be deducted from the final sum. In case of a cancellation, the advance payment will not be refunded.

For private parties, the restaurant will be available for the customer within the timeframe agreed upon. It is not possible to access the facility before the agreed time to decorate or make changes in the facility, unless agreed upon with the restaurant. If big changes in the restaurant facility are needed – such as emptying the space of all furniture – there will be an extra charge.


  1. Making the reservation, and confirmation


The customer will confirm the reservation and the order in writing or orally, and the reservation will stand for the number of people given by the customer. By confirming the reservation, the customer accepts the terms of delivery.

The packages for private parties and catering events include, if necessary, two 45 min planning meetings. If further meetings are needed, we will charge 38 e per every commencing hour.

The customer is requested to check the details of the order at least six work days before the event:

  • details of food and drinks
  • special diets
  • number of people
  • final programme and timetable of the event
  • table arrangements and seating plan
  • contact information of the person in charge
  • method of payment


  1. Extra charge for last minute orders, special arrangements


An extra fee of 25 e will be charged for any changes and additional orders made less than two days prior to the event. In case of last minute orders, Voiveljet Ltd will not be responsible for possible changes in the menus.

If any special permits are required for the programme, performers, special decorations or exceptional technical equipment, the customer is responsible for the costs incurred.


  1. Catering to other premises


Any expenses incurred by renting other premises than those run by Voiveljet Ltd, will be born by the customer. Waitering will not be included in the catering prices, unless otherwise agreed when confirming the order. The costs of waitering will be calculated according to the total hours accumulated.


  1. Terms of payment


Voiveljet Ltd will charge for the event according to the number of people confirmed by the customer. Our invoice is based on the number of people confirmed six work days prior to the event. A 10% change in the number of people will be allowed two days prior to the event. If the numbers increase above this, we will charge according to the actual numbers.

The payment will be charged in advance using the agreed method of payment, which can be in cash, by card, or by invoice. An extra invoicing fee of 8 e will be charged, with the payment due in 7 days.


  1. Terms of cancellation


Cancellation is free for any private parties or catering services to outside premises organized by Voiveljet Ltd, if the event is cancelled 14 days prior to the event. If the cancellation is made later than that, we will charge half of the sales guarantee sum, or half of the catering ordered. The 400 e advance payment charged in connection with the reservation of a private party will not be refunded in case of a cancellation.

Cancellation is free for any preordered catering or service packages 7 days prior to the event. When the event is cancelled later than that, we will charge half of the ordered catering.

If the cancellation is made less than 3 days prior to the event, we will charge 100% of the ordered services and catering.


  1. Quality guarantee of the food products


The operations of Voiveljet Ltd are guided by hygiene legislation and we follow the good practices in food industry aimed at improving food safety.

Voiveljet Ltd will guarantee the quality and safety of its food products within two hours of delivery, provided that the products have been stored appropriately in hot or cold storage.

Voiveljet Ltd will guarantee the safety and quality of its food products during an event when it is organized in a restaurant run by Voiveljet Ltd, or when the event is staffed with Voiveljet Ltd’s own waitering staff.

Voiveljet Ltd will not refund unused products, but the customer is welcome to take home any leftover food in his/her own containers. This will naturally terminate the responsibility of Voiveljet Ltd for the quality and safety of the food.


  1. Complaints and disagreements


Any possible complaints should be made immediately at the event or the next work day. If a disagreement concerning an order cannot be solved in negotiations between the parties to the contract, the consumer can take the matter to Consumer Disputes Board ( Before that it is advisable to contact the consumer advice authorities of the local Register Office (

Voiveljet Ltd will not assume any responsibility for damages caused by a strike, lockout, public transportation failure, fire, power cut or any other uncontrollable reason (force majeure).

Voiveljet Ltd reserves the right to amend its terms of order and delivery, and prices.